TITLE: Four Schools and the Hospital for San Rafael

PLACE: El Salvador

COST: Por determinar

I have the pleasure to notify that there has been an important contribution at European level, thanks to the work made by the EILC, through the Euro-Latin American Committee. You can remember that months ago we made a call to the European Lions so that they contributed money in favour of El Salvador. The result has been very satisfactory, since it has been many the countries and Clubs that have participated contributing money to the account of “designated Funds” for El Salvador of LCIF.

As example I have made this table that emphasizes the major contributions

Total Dollars received as designated Funds for “EL SALVADOR”
$ 113,648.33
MD 116 Spain
$ 31,335.66
MD 101 Sweden
$ 25,800.00
MD 103 France
$ 13,781.00
MD 104 Norway
$ 5,524.00
District 113 Luxemburg
$ 2,292.00
District 1-A Illinois (EE UU)
$ 2,000.00
District 4-C3 California (EE UU)
$ 2,000.00
District 35-A Florida (EE UU)
$ 1,800.00
MD 105 United Kingdom and Ireland
$ 1,800.00
MD 105 Many small donations but great quantity
$ 27,000.00
$ 88,132.00
Donations from 25 $ to 1.100 $ from all the world

As you will be able to verify here, most of the contributions have been from European Leonismo and I would like to think that it was thanks to the work made by us. I know of good source that many of the donations have been made, thanks to the information spread out through the Euro Latin-American Committee.

Gustavo Fraga Errecart, is the Coordinator of projects and grants for Latin America and the Caribbean of LCIF. He has informed us on the state of the donations of designated funds for El Salvador.

During the visit made by Gustavo, he went to the places most affected and four schools were identified, that by the money of the Subvention for Great Catastrophes ($ 100,000 LCIF), will be reconstructed soon. Also, he visited the Hospital of San Rafael, they accorded with the director, the construction of a new pavilion of traumatología and obstetrics. This it will be financed by a subvention of $ 50,000 between the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and designated donations received by LCIF.

It is of extreme importance to emphasizing the great amount of designated funds received, LCIF and El Salvador very are thankful by the generosity of the Lions donors of the world and to District DM-116 Spain, which thanks to its tenacity and work, it has been the greater contributor. Also it is necessary to recognize the great contribution of the 101 DM Sweden and of all the countries for their generous help.

The El Salvador Lions Clubs co-sponsors of the projects must commit themselves to the following points:

·• Collaborate in all what’s needed so that these projects can arrive at good term.
·• Send all information asked by the Foundation.
·• Receive to the representatives from the foundation to inspect works in course.

The total investment for the four schools and the Hospital of San Rafael would be:

Until today $ 113.648,33 has been received as designated funds, $ 25.000 has been collected by Pfizer and $ 100.000 subvention for great catastrophes of LCIF. Being the total to invest $ 238.648,00.

As far as possible, to palliate the disasters of the earthquake collaborating with our foundation. Often we have the tendency to give the money of our effort to other organizations and our proposal is that these funds are given to LCIF and that they, in name of all the Lions of the World, can make worthy and large a project. It is still possible to send your donation directly to LCIF saying that are “Designated Funds” for the account: "El Salvador Earthquake 504 ". The more funds obtain the more work will be able to be done.