SRI LANKA 13/02/2005

Lion Jesus Jaime has just come back from Sri Lanka, with his two friends. He has done a marvellous trip; he has explained to me that it's been a unique experience. Marvellous, because he has found the nicest people and they where very happy to see him, the look of hope in those people was like a poem. The pictures are incredible, behind each picture you have a destroyed family, that have lost there loved ones, with no home, having nothing left. Woman that have lost there husbands, children that have lost there parents, the destination of a woman that went to give birth, and now she the only one left in the family..... In this picture you have Jesus and his two friends with the Governor Kassapa and the Vice Governor of Sri Lanka.

For Jesus, these days have been a unique experience, as he has lived the poverty and misery of those people, he has shared unforgettable moments with the Lions of Sri Lanka, which have received him in an incredible way.

Each picture is a tragedy, but in each picture you can see hope, an incredible desire to rebuild there lives, with great hope when they saw this young Spanish Lion with white hair and a camera in his hands. Jesus has come back very impressed and with the great desire to help us all to do something to help those poor people.

In a few days the president of your Club will receive a letter from me with valuable documentation that can be used by your club to promote activities in favour of building houses in Sri Lanka. Or simply promote Lionism, which is just as necessary.

I must notify you that the International Director Asoka from Sri Lanka, as asked to please send ALL donations through LCIF, as it's the only way to guarantee that the money will get to it's final destination, and that all of it will be spent correctly. Jesus in his trip through Sri Lanka, came across two large broads from the Lions Club with something saying "This land is given by the town Hall for the construction of 100 house", the only thing need now is the money. Your will receive one of these pictures.

I would like to recall those Clubs that would like there donation to be applied to Melvin Jones Fellows, that they have to send the funds to our account of Madrid before the 28 of this month, as the 31 of March is the limit for designated founds can be used to nominate MJF's. So my recommendation would be so send the money this week.

That does not mean we can't quip on doing activities after, as an example the Lions Club of the Costa del Sol, have programmed a concert in the Cathedral of Malaga, on the 9 of April, and we expect to get a good quantity of money. So I would ask you all to put on you thinking caps.

Just as an example a concert can leave a lot of money, the auditorium or church, the artistes, a sponsor for the tickets and posters, etc. Everything Free! If we can sell all the 3.000 tickets for the Cathedral of Malaga, we could do 30.000 Euros. It's a utopia, maybe.....

Another very powerful tool is to propose large business the possibility of having a house in Sri Lanka with there name on, if they give over 2.000 Euros. Many people are willing to help, but have reasonable doubt about where the money is going to go. But if we say that they will have a house with their name or the company name on, they might like it, plus it could be an excellent "Public Relations" for the company good image. So lets do them a big favour.

PDG Luis Domínguez Calderón
Asesor de Relaciones Internacionales MD 116
C/ Málaga, 2
29650 Mijas (Málaga) - España

Sent on the 13/03/ 2005