Dear English speaking Lions of Spain,

I know many of you must be bored in receiving my E-mails is Spanish, so I thought after suffering so much, you all deserved to receive something in English.

I have decided to talk about the most important program that our Association has at this moment. It’s the Campaign SightFirst II. All the Lions of he world are doing activities to support this campaign and I would like that the all the Club of Spain participate in this activity.

As responsible in Spain, for the Campaign SightFirst II, I must ask all the Clubs to help the Spanish Lions get to our target. As you probably know all the funds designated for the Campaign SightFirst II, can be applied towards Melvin Jones Fellowship.

Many Clubs in Spain are already doing activates to get funds, I would ask those that have not started, to please consider doing something, our association is expecting a minimum of 100 USD per member, and we need the help of all the clubs in Spain, including those with members from other countries to join us.

I am sure that all of us agree that our Association is going through one of its best moments in history. As Nights of the Blind, we never had so much importance. From 1990 our Program SightFirst has saved from blindness 27 million people.

As you know, if the Campaign SightFirst II, does no have success, we will not have the money to continue the activities of SightFirst, and the consequence would be that in the year 2020, the number of blind would be the double.

In the name of Lions and those that we hope to help, I would like to thank all what you are doing for the Campaign SightFirst II, so it will de a success. Thanks to you effort, it will be possible continue the enormous job of conserving sight, done by the Program SightFirst.

The work done to meet the goals for 2006/07, is extremely important, so this campaign can be a success. One person, with his effort can make a big difference, more so belonging to such a great organization as ours. In the same way one club, can make a large difference for the final result.

Obviously it's difficult for me to try and visit all the Clubs, even thought I am try to do so. I would like you to use 16 minutes of you time to look at the SIGHTFIRST Video that you can see on the Internet, its tremendously motivating. I am sure after seeing it, you and your Club can't say no.

My friends see the Campaign SightFirst Film on the Internet. Just pick on this


Also our Association has made a LIONS QUARTERLY VIDEO MAGAZINE, which takes 14 minutes to see, they are very go, if you have time, later on, try this link.

Yours sincerely in Lionism.

Luis Domínguez
IP Council Chairman MD 116 Spain
C/ Málaga, 2
29650 Mijas (Málaga) Spain


Sent on the 09/12/ 2006