Hello my English speaking Lions and friends, after doing your Spanish home work for a few months, I have had a little time to do one E-mail in English for you, as we are in Easter, one must be good!!!

I have been doing these E-mail for 7 years and I have past the Nº 300. With the only intention to give out information about what our association is doing, remember that many of the links I am giving to you (on the Spanish E-mail) are in English.

I have an especial dedication about the international aspect, as I am the International Relations chairman for our Multiple District. Plus as you all must know, I am the coordinator for the Campaign SightFirst II in Spain.

First of all I would like to thank all those that are going doing an extraordinary work for the Campaign SightFirst II, it's our world program and it's only possible thanks to the generosity of the Lions in the world.

I must inform you that most of the Clubs in Spain are participating in the Campaign. Many of them have already done activities and others are planning to do so in the future. Remember we are an International organization and we have to be consequent with the word "International".

This Christmas a horrible history came out in the Spanish press. The title was "The blind woman, that discover the sea". It was about the mother of one of these young men that died in the terrorist attack in Madrid on the 28th of December. Well she was just operated of cataracts, as she was blind.

But he horrible story was that she has been blind for 30 years, just because she had cataracts. 30 years with out seeing her children, 30 years with out being able to do what any other persons can do. She never saw her son that just died. How so very terrible, what a drama!!!!!!!!!! And what is even worst, is that her son had to die, so some one would see what was wrong with her sight. Obviously this time the Lions got to here late, but my friends there are millions of people like this, and WE must and are going something to make a difference.

We have already made a difference for 24.000.000 people in the world. Can we stop doing this? Can we say no to our program, to save the sight of 37.000.000 more people? Lions International is committed with the world to make a difference, and each one of us, Lions of the world, must do there part to make this Campaign be a great success.

Also I would like to recommend you to go to a link, which I like a lot, it's the Annual Report of our Foundation. The report is in English so that way you can know a little more about how our Foundation works and the fantastic serves it does in the world. It takes a little time to unload, by it's worth it.

Another thing that is interesting and it's in English are the Quarterly Magazines that our Association puts in our Web Page, I highly recommend seeing them, they are very good, here you have the links so you can visit them, OK. They take about 15 minutes each. Besides those, you have many more videos to see, if you have time.

Abril 2007

January 2007

Octubre 2006

July 2006

Also I would like you to try to attend our National Convention, unfortunately very few Lions come from the English speaking clubs, I can assure you it's a great experience, and lots of fun. I promise you! This year it will be held in a beautiful Hotel in the southern part of the Island of Gran Canaria. It will be held from the 3 to the 6 of May.

Take a look at the hotel in this web page:

Another great experience is an International Convention, this one is very special, as it will be our 90 anniversary, and it will be in Chicago the birth place of Lions. The Spanish delegation is saying at the Intercontinental Hotel the cost is $ 159.00 plus taxes per night, if you want any extra information please let me know. Attending an International Convention is certainly an especial experience, can you just image 20.000 Lions all together, and this really gives you what is the dimension of the best organization in the world. I have been to 12 already and each time I get emotional so see what we are and what we go. Plus we have the great parade, which is a lot of fun, can assure you. In a matter of fact, one of the Quarterly Magazines has a part dedicated to the parade. You what to know more about the Convetion go in to:

Well that's it for the moment, looking forward to see you one day in your clubs, or maybe at a national or international event. Happy Easter to you all.

Luis Domínguez
IP Council Chairman MD 116 Spain
C/ Málaga, 2
29650 Mijas (Málaga) Spain

Sent on the 04/04/ 2007