As I like to do a couple of times a year, I try to do a E-mail in my poor English, even though I am so very sure that after all my E-mails in Spanish, your Spanish must of improved tremendously.

First of all I would like to thank all of you for what you are doing for the local people in my country and obviously for the Campaign SIGHTFIRST II, thank you all for the famous work all the Clubs have been doing. I will resume for you three things that are important to me.

You have read and seen many e-mails about our work in Sri Lanka. Most of the Clubs that have sponsored a house, have decided to quip in contact with there family and helping them have a brighter future.

Most of the Clubs have sent boxes with presents, and money to buy some elemental things so they can have more possibilities to progress in live. I have been trying that each house gets at lest a sewing machine, besides other things like bicycles, motorcycles and other things that the houses owners have asked for.

A few months ago I wrote a letter to each one of the 72 houses asking them what else we can do for them. Many have answer, one of these letter as touch my heart and I thought you would like to read it, as this way we can see what a wonderful thing we are going, by being part of this marvellous organization, and how much good we can do. HERE YOU HAVE ANSWER FROM ONE OF THE HOUSES.

Next year we are planning to build a community centre, shops, public bathrooms, a play ground, etc, so in the future you will be getting an E-mail from me letting you know exactly what we are going to do, and how we can all help to make this little Spanish Village in southern Sri Lanka have a brighter future. Our Internationals president's logo is "Challenge to Change", and we have the possibility to challenge to change the life of these people.

The second thing I would like to comment is about our Campaign SIGHTFIRST II, thanks to all of you, Spain is one of the top countries in the world in this campaign. Of the 190 coordinates of the world, our position is Nº 3, in percentage of our commitment as a country. 29 Clubs of Spain (and possibly 30), have committed themselves to be Model Clubs (400$ per member). Plus the Lions Club of Puerto Banus Cosmopolite will be receiving at the International Convention in Bangkok the recognition of Club Nº 1 of Europe in donations per member, they got the fabulous quantity of 71.078 $, which is 3.230 $ per member, that has saved the sight to 11.846 person. As you probably know it coast 6 $ to save the sight of a person. The Campiagn is not finish, during these next two years, clubs can still send funds as Designated funds for our Campaign, and this money can be used to recognize people with the honour of been a "Melvin Jones Fellow".

And last, but not least, I would like to thank you all for your support at our National Convention, as I got your endorsement as Candidate for International Director, for me it will be a great honour to represent our geographical area, which is Europe on the board of directors our beloved Association, I will try my very best to represent our area.

On Saturday the 14th I will be going to my 13th International Convention In Bangkok. I will not be back until the 5th of July, so don’t expect me to answer any E-mails before coming back, OK. I also you like to recommend you to come to our Europe Forum it’s not to far away, it will be in Cannes (France) between the 2nd and 4th of October, it’s always a very interesting meeting and English is one of the official languages.

Looking forward to see you some time when I come back, yours sincerely in Lionism.

Luis Domínguez
Past Council Chairman MD 116 Spain
C/ Málaga, 2
29650 Mijas (Málaga) Spain

Sent on the 09/06/ 2008