Our projects in Sri Lanka

As I have send in a few of my communication, we have to finish our project of our village Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka, as you all know we have build 100 houses, but the village has nothing else.The idea is to build the most indispensable thing for a village. The four basic projects are a Community Center, a building for shops, public bathrooms and a place for children to play.

The total cost of these projects is a little more than 25.000 €, very little if we compare what we have already done. With a small donation from each Club, we can achieve this project. Now it's Christmas, and we always have some events where money comes in, what better cause than to make this present to our families in Sri Lanka. At the end of this E-mail you have more information.

Our 100 houses in Sri Lanka (Hambantota), are built in two groups, leaving a piece of land between these two groups, precisely with the idea to install theses basic services (The piece of land in the picture). These groups of houses are quite far away from any village, that's way it's important that we finish what we have started.

If a Club wishes to sponsor the whole cost of one of the projects, we can put a plaque on the project with the Clubs name on it. There is also the possibility that four clubs get together to finance the 4 shops ($2.500 per shop), and in each of the shops can have the Club name on it.

To make your donation from your Club or personal, please do it in the following account from our Multiple District (Please don't forget to indicate you club name or personal name)
Account Nº Unicaja 2103-0501-10-0030019153

Total cost of one unity for 4 shops
$ 10,000.00
Children playground, including the games
$ 2,300.00
Public bathrooms
$ 2,900.00
Community Center
$ 20,000.00
$ 35,200.00

Sent on the 05/12/2008