One of my hobbies in Lions is pin collecting. Ever since I have been to my first Lions Club International Convention in Montreal 1996, I have been collecting them. Every year I go the international convention with a bag full of Spanish pins, with the hope of get the pins I would like for my collection. After colleting for so many years I have about 8.000 pins. This page I have created is to honor those pins that are not so known. Everybody collects MD pins from USA or Europe, but how many people collect District Governor pins from Peru or Sri Lanka. Well that's exactly what I am trying to do. Collect and conserve this part of our history, they might not be "collectable", for the ordinary collectors, but I sincerely believe they are interesting and nice to save, at least as part of our heritage as Lions. So I have prepared a series of links where you can see these pins I am still working on these so maybe in a few years it might be ready.

For the usual issues I highly recommend to visit my friend Verle, web page. It has a lot of interesting information it's very good and basically he has all the MD pins from USA and the rest of the world: Also you can visit the LIONS INTERNATIONAL PIN TRADING CLUB, there is a lot of interesting information: LITPC

MD-B Mexico
D-D1 Panama
D-D2 El Salvador
D-D3 Guatemala
D-D4 Costa Rica
D-D5 Nicaragua
D-D6 Honduras
MD-E Venezuela
MD-F Colombia
MD-G Ecuador
MD-H Peru
MD-J Uruguay
MD-L Brasil
MD-LA Brasil
MD-LB Brasil
MD-LC Brasil
MD-LD Brasil
Multiple District Brasil
MD-M Paraguay
MD-O Argentina
MD-R Rep. Dominican
MD-S Bolivia
MD-T Chile
MD-51 Puerto Rico
D-59 Belize
D-63 Guayana
MD-101 Sweden
MD-102 Switzerland
MD-103 France
MD-104 Norway
MD-105 UK
MD-106 Denmark
MD-107 Finland
MD-108 Italy
MD-109 Iceland
MD-110 Netherlands
MD-111 Germany
MD-112 Belgium
D-113 Luxembourg
MD-114 Austria
MD-115 Portugal
MD-116 Spain
MD-117 Greece
MD-118 Turkey
D-119 Hungary
D-120 Estonia
D-121 Poland
D-122 Czech & Slovakia
D-123 Russia
D-124 Romania
D-126 Croatia
D-127 Latvia
D-128 Israel
D-129 Slovenia
D-130 Bulgaria
D-131 Lithuania
D-132 Macedonia
D-133 Ireland
D-134 Urania
MD-202 New Zealand
D-203 N. Caledonia
D-204 Guam
MD-300 Taiwan
MD-301 Philippines
D-303 Hong Kong
MD-305 Pakistan
MD-306 Sri Lanka
MD-307 Indonesia
MD-308 Singapore & Malaysia
MD-309 Korea
MD-320 India
MD-321 India
MD-322 India
MD-323 India
MD-3231 India
MD-3232 India
MD-3233 India
MD-3234 India
MD-324 India
MD-324-A India
MD-324-B India
MD-324-C India
MD-324-D India
MD-324-E India
Multiple Dist. Pins from India
MD-325 Nepal
MD-330 Japan
MD-331 Japan
MD-332 Japan
MD-333 Japan
MD-334 Japan
MD-335 Japan
MD-336 Japan
MD-337 Japan
D-351 Lebanon
D-352 Egypt
D-354 Iran
MD-354 Korea
MD-355 Korea
MD-356 Korea
D-380 China
D-381 China
D-382 China
D-383 China
D-384 China
D-385 China
D-386 China
D-387 China
D-388 China
D-389 China
D-390 China
D-391 China
D-392 China
D-393 China
D-394 China
MD-404 Nigeria
D-409 Congo
MD-410 South Africa
D-413 Zambia
D-414 Tunisia
D-415 Algeria
D-416 Morocco
D-417 Madagascar
D-418 Ghana
Mediterranean Conference