Multiple District 116 Spain
Has the honour to present
As candidate for International Director
PCC Luis Domínguez Calderón

It is certainly a pleasure and privilege to be able present a fellow Lion who has demonstrated a passion and dedication to our Association. Lion Luis has shown during his distinguished career as a Lion that if elected we can be sure that he will be an outstanding International Director and represent the Association with endeavour and dignity.


Luis was born in Stockholm on the 25th of September 1955, where his father was a Spanish diplomat posted in Sweden. He has lived and studied, in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Venezuela, Canada and Switzerland, later he studied architecture in Seville. He is married to Dolores Ruiz Serrano, a fellow Lion member of his Club. The family is completed by a 24 year old daughter, Cristina. At present he manages his own business.


PCC Luis became a Lion in Andalusia, Southern Spain in April 1986, joining the Mijas Lions Club. In his second year as a member he was elected to serve on the Clubs Board, serving as President in 1988/89 and was re-elected in 1989/90 to serve a further year. Appointed by successive District Governors to serve in their Cabinets, Luis was as Zone Chairman 1990/91, Region Chairman 1991/92 and District Membership Chairman for three years 1992/95. He was elected Vice District Governor 1995/96 and served as District Governor (Dist. 116-B) in 1996/97. From 1997/98 he has been the International Relations Chairman for Multiple District 116 (Spain). He was elected as Council Chairman in 2005/06 and he has been representing Spain at the Observatory of the Mediterranean for a period of 9 Years. For a number of years Luis has been appointed LCIF Chairmen in District 116-B and our Association nominated him as Coordinator of the Campaign SightFirst II during 2005/08.

He has assisted the following Lions events:

  • 13 International Conventions.
  • 5 European Preforums.
  • 13 European Forums.
  • 1 ISAAME (Forum of India, South East Asia, Africa and Middle East).
  • 8 Mediterranean Conferences.
  • 22 National Conventions from MD 116 Spain.
  • 20 Lions Conferences of Andalusia from D-116-B.
  • 15 Lions Conferences of Canary Islands from D-116-B.

It such a varied and notable career, we should underline the fact that Luis as visited more than 100 Clubs outside Spain; he has participated 6 times with the Swiss Sky Lions meeting in Zermatt, participated in the National Convention of Costa Rica in Liberia, and the Council of Governors meeting of Central America in Managua (Nicaragua). Luis has been present at such distinguished and distinct events as the III Conference of Active Citizenship in Naples (Italy) in 2001, the Special European Forum for Lions Quest in Zurich (Switzerland) in 1996, and was present for the 50th anniversaries of the Swiss and French Lionism, both held in 1998.


The most important ones are:
Progressive MELVIN JONES FELLOWSHIP (10 diamantes).
6 “Certificate of Appreciation” of International Presidents.
2 International Presidents Medal (Clement Kusiak & Al Brandel)
Humanitarian Medal from LCIF.

There is no doubt that Luis is an active and experienced Lion. As a Multiple District we are proud to be able to present a candidate that we know will serve with distinction and to the benefit of the Association; we would respectfully ask our fellow Lions to support as candidate for International Director (2009-2011) the candidate of DM116 Spain – PCC Luis Domínguez Calderón