Exposición Artesanía de España

If you are willing to buy something you must understand the following things.

If you have business and wish to buy whole sale please  go to the following page: WHOLESALE

Also you can visit our Shop online: www.mijasceramic.com or write to us: Our email

1.- Each piece is unique, so even though it's on the Web page, there is a possibly that we don't have it anymore, as these pieces as sold normally quiet fast, as they are collectors item and some pieces last for hours on our web page or shop.

2.- Pieces can be made specially for you, in the size, colours and patterns you like. Most of the pieces can be personalized for a marriage or a business meeting, as you can see in the picture on this Web page.

3.- If something is made specially for you, you must give us at least one month, as everything is totally handmade and hand painted, and time is necessary. This also depends on each artist, some have months of work ahead, and they might need two or more months to have something specially made for you.

4.- We normally send things by registered surface postal system, it's the cheapest and best way, we have being sending thousands of boxes by this system for 29 years, and never had a problem. The ONLY problem can be the time frame, as this can take one or two months. Things can be sent, by airmail or by a private company, but you will be multiplying the cost of shipping by two (airmail) and at least by four (private company), we highly recommend surface mail.

5.-  Some parts of the year we get overwhelmed with work, so be a little patient, if I don't answer you E-mail immediately.

6.- Weight and volume are factors to consider when you are shipping. For an example if you need 10 presents, and you are doubting between sangria pitchers or plates, chose the plates. As the volume to send 10 sangria pitchers is much much more, so the cost of shipping goes up a lot.

7.- Shipping one small item, is not normally wroth while, I would consider a minimum of 100 to 200 € to make it really worth while, don't get me wrong, if you only want a small thing I will send it, but it could cost more to sent that what it's worth. Obviously the more you buy the cheaper the shipping cost comes per item. When people are in the shop I normally recommend them to sent things together to save costs. When you buy, think of possible Christmas presents or friend that would also like something and save money on shipping.

9.- Any further questions please write to: mijas@lionluis.com

This is a Sangria pitcher that was made for a seminar organized here on the Costa del Sol, it's 25 centimetres high (about 10 inches). A perfect inexpensive gift!

These olive oil bottles where made for a marriage celebrated in California, on the bottom of the bottles it said:

"Mary and Jim 09/25/2007"

Its a lovely memory to have something like this as a gift, but we can't guaranty that the marriage is going to last as long as these olive oil bottles :-)))