Exposición Artesanía de España


Besides selling to the public we have a special section for wholesales, but under certain conditions, as all these people are local craftsmen and depending on each one, they have a smaller or large production. Some of them DO NOT do wholesale, and some do, the simple reason is that the production is very small so simply that can't. That does NOT mean I can't send you some things from these craftsmen, but normally only a very limited quantity can be serve and at the same price as we have for the normal customers that buys by internet or at the store. Here under you will have the links of what can be sold as wholesale, and the ones that can't.

Most of these craftsmen will also make anything you would like, in size and color.

To be considered wholesale, there is a minimum buy and a minimum number of pieces per item. We send the merchandise by ship on pallets, and to make it rentable itís recommendable to do at least one Pallet.


Ceramica de la Cal, from Puente (Toledo), this is my highest recommendation excellent quality and what we sell the most, which is a usable ceramic, dishwasher and micro way proof. Itís the most traditional Spanish ceramic, known as "Cenefa style". Please visit these two pages:  DE LA CAL 1 & DEL LA CAL 2

Ceramica Torres, from Cordoba, this is actually know as Gres, it harder than normal ceramic, cooked at 1300 degrees, very hard even oven proof, and specially recommended for restaurants and hotels. Please visit this page:  CERAMIC FROM LA RAMBLA

Ceramica de cuerda seca, from Seville, this is only for decoration with or without 24 karate gold enameling, but very popular it sell very well. Please visit this page:  CUERDA SECA FROM SEVILLA

Ceramica Cruz, from Puente (Toledo), very very elaborated work, a lot of time goes into these pieces, known as "puntilla style". Please visit this page: FAMILIA CRUZ

Ceramica Castro from Puente (Toledo), specialist in tiles, very interesting, only in Spain that makes the tiles by hand in the century old manner, very rustic looking, you canít tell if they really old. He also makes things buy order with the ideas given by the client. Each piece is unique. Please visit this page: CASTRO


Ceramica Paco Exposito from Ubeda (Andalusia), traditional ceramic for the Moorish times, very elaborated and intensive work basically for decoration, it made only by two brothers, and a very small production, the problem here is that sometimes we have to wait for months to get something done. Each piece is unique. Please visit these two pages: TITO 1 & TITO 2

Ceramica from Lugo (Galicia), Picasso style figures, only decoration made by one person and a limited quantity, this is in Gres harder than ceramic cooked at 1300 degrees. Please visit this page:  CERAMIC FROM GALICIA

Ceramica Granada (Andalusia), Andalusian ceramic dolls, only decoration, made by one lady and a very limited quantity. Each piece is unique. Please visit this page: ADELINA Y ANTONIO

Ceramica Rama from Seville (Andalusia), copies of Andalusian baroque style, only decoration, very elaborated made by two brothers and a very limited quantity. Each piece is unique. Please visit this page: HERMANOS RAMA

Ceramica Miguel Angel from Puente (Toledo), specialist in tiles, known to be the best of Spain, only makes things buy order with the pattern given by the client. He has a lot of work, sometimes you have to wait two to three months to get something done. Each piece is unique. Please visit this page: DE LA CAL


Ceramica Robles from Puente (Toledo), copies of renaissance style, very elaborated made by one man and extremely limited quantity. He does not take orders, only very exceptional, what I have are in the shops. Each piece is unique and he does NOT make the same piece two times, in other words he simply will NOT do it. Please visit this page: ROBLES

Ceramica Bruno from Puente (Toledo), copies of medieval style, only decoration, very elaborated made by one man and end of the line, he has retired, what we have in the shops is was we have, no possibly of having something made. Each piece is unique. Please visit this page: BRUNO

Ceramica Teresa from Puente (Toledo), copies of renaissance style, extremely elaborated made by one artist, works for the royal family and only by order.  Very expensive and unique, only for very exclusive clients, that are willing to pay a lot of money. Please visit this page: TERESA

Any further questions please write to: mijas@lionluis.com

To help you we have classified some of the products by categories

Light Covers from Toledo

Light Covers from Andalucia







This is a Sangria pitcher that was made for a seminar organized here on the Costa del Sol, it's 25 centimetres high (about 10 inches). A perfect inexpensive gift!

These olive oil bottles where made for a marriage celebrated in California, on the bottom of the bottles it said:

"Mary and Jim 09/25/2007"

Its a lovely memory to have something like this as a gift, but we can't guaranty that the marriage is going to last as long as these olive oil bottles :-)))