Teresa is the name of the wife of this artist; now don't ask me why, he calls himself Teresa. One day I will ask him. :-)))) They are from the village of Puente del Arzobispo in Toledo, which is in the centre of Spain

This chap also works all by himself, and does very very few pieces of ceramic, by looking at them you will understand why, the detail in them is really incredible, in a matter of fact, in some of the pieces I have made a close up picture so you can really see what I mean.

I have clients that come every year hoping to find some pieces from him. Unfortunately, as you can see I have very few pieces from him.

He made the serves for our princes Elena (the oldest), when she got married, in a matter fact some of the pieces you see here are the same that were made for her, but with her coat of Arms. Obviously I can't sell those pieces, but you can have a set made for you with your coat of arms or what you want in the middle.

BUUUUT be prepared to pay a lot of money, he is quiet expensive. The reason is that to make a special serves for you, it would take him a few months of work.

You are looking at the renascence style, these is one difference with other craftsmen, and that is that he uses mat enamel, while everybody else uses the shiny one. This gives his work a really unique aspect, very elegant but at the same time, very sober.

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Cartero de Mesa (Table letter holder)
24 cm. long (9.4 Inches)

Cartero de Mesa (Table letter holder)
24 cm. long (9.4 Inches)


Platos hondo & llano (platos)
23 cm. wide (9.1 Inches)
25 cm. wide (9.8 Inches)

Plato llano Carlos V (platos)
32 cm. wide (12.6 Inches)

Tintero (Inkwell)
17 cm. wide (7.1 Inches)

Taza de Cafe (coffee cup)
8 cm. high (3.1 Inches)





Florero Leones (Vase with Lions)
26 cm. high (10.2 Inches)

Florero Angelitos (Vase with angeles)
22 cm. high (8.7 Inches)

Candelabro 3 brazos (Candel holder)
27 cm. high (10.6 Inches)


Albarelo Mediano (Pharmacy Jar)
2 cm. high (9.8 Inches)

Albarelo pequeño (Pharmacy Jar)
19 cm. high (7.5 Inches)

Albarelo pequeño (Pharmacy Jar)
19 cm. high (7.5 Inches)

Lapicero (Pencil holder)
10 cm. Long 3.9 Inches)

Benditera Nº 10 (Holy water font)
22 cm. high (8.7 Inches)

Benditera Nº 27 (holy water font)
30 cm. high (11.2 Inches)

Benditera Nº 23 (holy water font)
26 cm. high (10.2 Inches)